30 Day Water Challenge

For those of you who care, I work in the Property Industry and it involves working in a typical office environment 6 days a week. Which makes it pretty much impossible to avoid drinking mass amounts of tea & coffee. Caffeines pretty much a placebo to me now!

So I decided to ditch the caffeine for H2o and take on this whole 30-day water challenge thing. My aim was to drink one gallon a day, which according to Google is 4.546090 litres. If I’m being honest, It’s not usually my preference to consume liquid by the gallon, unlesssss it’s a night out with the lads, Peroni on tap, then possibly!

The first challenge I stumbled across was trying to gauge exactly how many glasses of water I needed to drink to amount to a gallon. Apparently the right number is 16, but just to be sure I referred back to my mate, Google. I ended up finding a ½ gallon hydrator from “MYPROTEIN” which I picked up for just under a fiver. Things just got ten times easier!


With everything I needed in place, I was ready to give this thing a go…….





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