Here goes…….

I have decided to just bite the bullet and write my first solo blog. I have no clue what to write about so please excuse the randomness.

I am currently sitting well laying on my sofa watching TV (my usual after work activity), you will later on find out that this likely going to be my writing spot! Everyday I say to myself that I will come home and do something productive like get my life together lol and everyday I get drawn in by some good old trash TV. Today it is Say Yes To The Dress. For those of you wondering what job I do that causes me to be ever so tired at the end of the day (excuse my sarcasm) I am a Marketing Executive for a leading company in the payments industry. My role involves organising and managing our attendance at largely UK events; managing our corporate hospitality and working on our CRM programme SalesForce. I work in the heart of the city and I love the city lifestyle of liquid lunches and cocktails after work in some of the cities fanciest buildings.

Anyway back to my productive evenings, my objective for today once I put my motivation cap on is to find some free legal advice in regards to a reassignment of a tenancy agreement ( but I’ll explain this more in another blog on another day) so yeah I have kicked off my productive evening by writing this post to get my engine running lol.

So I guess its running so I am off to be productive….Wish me luck!







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